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SUPERMAG Raises Over RMB 100 Million in Series A Financing


SUPERMAG (Suzhou Supermag Intelligent Technology Co., LTD.) has raised over RMB 100 million in a Series A Funding Round led by Qiming Venture Partners. The funds will be mainly for marketing promotion, new product development, and corporate team expansion, accelerating the industry application of maglev bearingless technology and equipment.

Maglev Technology: A potential revolution of next-generation equipment technology

Embodying the future of motion support, maglev technology's contactless operations offer unique advantages such as wear-free performance, precision, reliability, high efficiency and energy saving. Over the years, maglev has found remarkable applications across various industries including rail transportation, aerospace, energy, and high-end industrial manufacturing. With a potential to cover 90% of industrial scenarios, the technology carries an expansive market potential.

SUPERMAG: A Pioneer of Maglev Technology and Key Components

Maglev technology is a challenging field as it combines electromagnetism, sensor technology, control algorithms, material science, computational fluid dynamics(CFD), system structure design, and integration and debugging. SUPERMAG control technology boasts a team of core experts who have accumulated decades of interdisciplinary knowledge and experience in mathematics, physics, electromagnetism, fluid, etc.

Obtaining ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification, CE, and SEMI S2 certifications, SUPERMAG has significant access to a multi-billion dollar customer supply chain, proving its technological competency.

The Technology-to-Product Transition: Diverse applications in LVAD, bioprocessing and more

SUPERMAG provides industry-specific solutions for bioprocessing, chemical, and energy sectors, with product offerings of high-purity, low-shear force Maglev Bearingless Motors, Maglev Fluid Transport Systems, and Maglev Stirring Systems.

As for bioprocessing equipment which has higher requirements for low-shear force and friction-free, SUPERMAG disposable and multi-reusable Maglev Pump Systems and Maglev Stirring Systems help global biopharmaceutical companies better handle sensitive fluids in cells, vaccines, biologics, and gene therapy.

When it comes to advanced energy facilities, reliability is critical as it involves a wide range of turbomachinery such as pumps that deliver special high-temperature media and turbines. SUPERMAG provides a new and cutting-edge solution based on maglev technology for this sector too.

This funding round is led by Qiming Venture Partners and China Fortune-Tech Capital, co-led by Runzhang Capital, with participation from CDB Venture Capital, Oriza Holdings, Oriza Seed, etc.