From Xiaomi to Xiaomi Ecosystem, Qiming has always been trusting and heavily investing in the Mi Team.
Lei Jun Founder, Chairman & CEO
We explored with Qiming the innovative developments of China's medical services, and have many inspirations.
Liao Jieyuan Founder & CEO
We received Qiming's fund at a critical period. Qiming gave us tremendous strategic support.
Zhang Tao Founder
We have created a model for the cooperation between entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. We support each other along the way and jointly promote the development of innovative drugs in China.
Ye Xiaoping Founder, Chairman & President
Qiming has been very supportive in our journey of becoming an industry leader in the autonomous driving sector.
Han Xu Co-founder & CEO
Qiming has been a strong supporter since our establishment. From Series A financing up to the present, we are fortunate to have Nisa with us as a board member.
Du Ying Founder, Chairman & CEO
Thanks to Qiming, we are more confident in chasing our dreams in the robotics sector.
Zhou Jian Founder & CEO
Qiming helps us become a listed company that benefits the society.
Berry Genomics创新型生物科技公司
Zhou Daixing CEO
We met Qiming in the early days. We are fortunate to have gone through each critical growth stages with the experienced investor.
Zhang Kan Chairman
Qiming has given meaningful support during our financing, listing, and top talents acquisition processes. It is an invaluable partner to join hands with.
Xie Liangzhi Founder, Chairman&General Manager
Thanks to Qiming for their long-term support and assistance. We are proud to have it as our shareholder.
Jiang Tao Founder & CEO
Qiming has been very helpful along the way where Tellgen grew from a tech platform to a company with substantial innovative potentials in the Chinese IVD sector.
Yao Jian'er Founder, Chairman & General Manager
Qiming helped Unisound to rapidly develop into a leading enterprise in the artificial intelligence industry.
Huang Wei Founder & CEO
Qiming helped us achieve rapid development in many aspects.
Yu Xuefeng Founder, Chairman & CEO
Qiming provides Zhihu with valuable resources and global vision.
Zhou Yuan Founder & CEO
Qiming has always been a helpful partner on our entrepreneurial adventure.
Chen Gang Founder & CEO
BeautyPlus enhances photos; Qiming enhances entrepreneurs.
Wu Xinhong Founder & CEO
Qiming took a keen investment sense and made a long-term investment in Bilibili.
Chen Rui Chairman
Qiming helped us to grow from "Zero" to "One".
Chang Jing Founder & CEO
Qiming helped us achieve leapfrog growth.
Zhang Jianhui Founder, Chairman and General Manager
Qiming brings us not only the financial support, but also the industry resources and strategic guidance. An awesome investor.
Miaoshou Doctor权威可信任的健康科普知识平台
He Tao Founder & CEO
As a well-known VC firm, Qiming has enhanced the brand of Transwarp.
Sun Yuanhao Founder & CEO
Qiming brings a new vision to Tujia - grasping users' needs, thinking deep and working hard.
Luo Jun Founder
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