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Shiyu Wang Rejoins Qiming Venture Partners as Partner Co-Leads TMT Team

04/01/2022 | Qiming Venture Partners

Qiming Venture Partners, a leading venture capital firm in China, is pleased to announce that Shiyu Wang has rejoined the firm as a Partner. Shiyu Wang will co-lead the TMT team, managing and investing in the internet and consumer sectors.

Shiyu Wang has many years of investment experience in the internet and consumer industries, having previously worked at Qiming Venture Partners from 2012 to 2016.

“I am honored to rejoin Qiming Venture Partners. I know Qiming very well, and identify very much with its culture. I have also personally experienced the respect and support that Qiming provides to the entrepreneurs,” Shiyu Wang said, “China is a world-class consumer country, and I believe there are still many opportunities and huge upgrade potential in the country’s consumer market in the next five to ten years. Qiming Venture Partners has excellent investment performances in mobile internet, especially in internet community and social networking. In the future, I hope that it can stay sharp and look for the new ‘big thing’ in the next wave of ‘network traffic change’.”

“I am very pleased to have Shiyu back in the Qiming family. I have worked with Shiyu for many years and appreciate his unique insights and successful experiences in the internet and consumer sectors. I very much look forward to working with Shiyu to lead our TMT team to discover more outstanding companies that will change the world and create value. Building on our success in healthcare and hardcore technology sectors over the past few years, Shiyu’s return will allow us to take another step forward in the internet and consumer sectors,” Duane Kuang, Founding Managing Partner of Qiming Venture Partners said.

From start-up to rapid growth, Qiming Venture Partners, as a venture capital firm in China, has gone through 15 years of history. Through the test of time, the company has been widely recognized by LP investors around the world, including China, for its exceptional investment performances, and has become a preferred investor of choice for entrepreneurs. Qiming Venture Partners has also been ranked as a leading fund in China’s venture capital industry by numerous agencies and publications.

Today, Qiming Venture Partners has developed a “being inclusive, staying hungry, keeping humility and sincerity” corporate culture, and its recognition and reputation continue to grow. With its unique partnership structure, focus on TMT and healthcare, as well as professional investment teams with strong industry background, Qiming Venture Partners is always committed to finding great companies for the future.