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Qiming's Nisa Leung Awarded 2021 Leader of the Year

22/09/2022 | Qiming Venture Partners

Nisa Leung, Managing Partner of Qiming Venture Partners, was awarded 2021 Leader of the Year in the Commerce & Industry/Finance category, recently announced by the event organizer Sing Tao News Corporation Limited.  

Honorees in five different categories were recognized because of their hard work in their respective sectors, contributions in promoting social development of Hong Kong, as well as setting examples for and inspiring the younger generations.

The COVID-19 pandemic has catalyzed a new phase in the R&D of vaccines and new drugs. Nisa led investments in the healthcare sector in China over the past decade and seized the opportunity to invest in companies focusing on vaccine R&D in the hopes of benefiting human wellbeing.

Nisa showed gratitude to judges for their recognition, as well as innovative and technology talents for their consistent hard work. Nisa said, "Good healthcare investments are the best gifts to give back to the human being and society. Thanks to my team for making the impossible possible and enabling more people to benefit from healthcare technology. "

Many government officials and members of all sectors attended the award ceremony to witness the birth of outstanding leaders. Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), Mr. John Lee, praised the winners as role models for young generations in his address.

When presenting the award, Mr. Paul Chan, Financial Secretary of the HKSAR government, introduced that Nisa had her first encounter with innovation and technology trends in 1999 when she was studying at Stanford University and Silicon Valley was the birthplace of innovation - a perfect timing and opportunity. Although the journey was filled with ups and downs, Nisa's boldness and hard work made her what she is today, and her impressive venture capital experience in China showed her insight, confidence, and optimism.

He also mentioned that Nisa has brought her experience and knowledge back to Hong Kong to share with other entrepreneurs, helped to cure cancer and rare diseases in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland through her investments, and has contributed to various public affairs.

"Leader of the Year" is an annual event organized by Sing Tao News Corporation Limited since 1994. The Awards recognize and encourage the achievements of individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the success and prosperity, bridging China and the world.

According to Sing Tao News Corporation Limited, Hong Kong needs to proactively prepare for challenges posed by the new economic system through improving technology and knowledge. These are important not only to individual efforts but also to the economic and social development of Hong Kong. The winners of the "Leader of the Year" Award have demonstrated their willingness to learn and outstanding leadership.