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Clinical Proteomics Startup Complete Omics Inc. Successfully Completes Series A Financing, Exclusively Invested by Qiming Venture Partners


Complete Omics, a pioneering clinical proteomics company, announced the completion of its Series A financing round. This round of financing was exclusively invested by Qiming Venture Partners. The funds from this round will be continuously used for the research and development of Complete Omics' innovative clinical proteomics and multi-omics assays, clinical studies, and market promotion efforts.

Founded in 2019, Complete Omics is an innovative biotech company focused on the development of clinical applications in proteomics. The company is committed to solving key issues in clinical proteomics and has developed over 20 patented technologies. These advancements allow for stable, high-throughput, and accurate detection of a large amount of disease-related proteins and targets in body fluids and clinical samples. This has enabled Complete Omics to bridge the gap between proteomic research and its clinical application.

To date, molecular diagnostics for chronic diseases, such as cancers, are primarily based on genomic assays and sequencing technologies. There are also multiple explorations of new diagnostic methods involving multi-omics assays in the market. However, there is a general lack of depth and reproducibility in biomarker detection due to inadequacies in data acquisition methods, leaving a significant gap from achieving precise clinical applications.

In recent years, proteomics technology has gained increasingly widespread attention in academic and healthcare sectors, leading to the emergence of numerous new companies. Globally, there has been a surge of proteomics firms, such as Olink and Somalogic, that have gone public on NASDAQ. Recently, ThermoFisher Scientific, a leader in the life science field, announced its impending acquisition of Olink for a transaction value of $3.1 billion, sparking many new discussions in the proteomics market.

Currently, the mainstream application of proteomics remains primarily in research services, with limited progress in pressing real-world clinical applications such as disease screening and companion diagnostics. The need for stable, high-throughput, and precise quantitative protein detections in commonly used clinical samples is becoming a central issue that urgently needs to be addressed in the clinical applications of proteomics.

The Complete360® technology platform developed by Complete Omics can accurately and highly reproducibly measure thousands of protein biomarkers, encompassing proteins related to the diseases of skin, skeletal, muscular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, urinary, and reproductive systems. Additionally, in the applications of ultra-low abundance target detection, the company's Valid-NEO®technology platform can perform single-cell level absolute quantification of tumor neoantigens in minute tumor tissues with extremely high sensitivity. The company's recent research and development achievements have been published in leading academic journals, including Science and Nature. Currently, Complete Omics' clinical proteomics technologies have begun to achieve commercialization and has entered into cooperative development agreements with several internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies and top-tier research institutions.

The core members of the founding team of Complete Omics previously held positions at renowned research institutions and business organizations such as the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and AstraZeneca. They have participated in major milestone projects in omics fields including the completion of the first human proteome map in 2014, and the first sequencing of a human cancer genome in 2007. The team has nearly 20 years of experience in clinical translational research in proteomics, genomics, and metabolomics. The founding team has published over 20 papers in top-tier academic journals like ScienceCellNature, and NEJM, with citations exceeding fifty thousand times.

Dr. Qing Wang, Founder and CEO of Complete Omics, stated: "First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to Qiming Venture Partners for their recognition and strong support. This investment is a testament to the world-leading status of our team's technical platform and the company's years of persistent cultivation. Since the establishment of Complete Omics, we have always adhered to the scientist's pursuit of taking technology development to the extreme. At the same time, several product lines independently developed by the company have achieved considerable and sustainable profitability and have received recognition from industry experts globally. In the future, Complete Omics will continue to advance innovation, dedicating our efforts to clinical applications of proteomics and multi-omics technologies worldwide, aiming to become a leading molecular diagnostics enterprise."