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03/06/2008 | Qiming

China’s Most Popular Online TV Service to Offer Users Instant Access to Games through Unique Technology

June 03, 2008, Beijing: PPS.TV, provider of China’s most popular and innovative online television service and technology, today announced that they have become the official broadcasting partner with CCTV.COM.

Throughout the 2008 Olympic Games, PPS.TV will simultaneously broadcast all 2008 Olympic matches to an estimated 100 million viewers through its hugely popular, proprietary media player software network. This partnership is the first of its kind: the first time the Olympic Games will fully be broadcasted on the Internet through both live and on-demand formats and the first time in China a private internet company has been authorized to broadcast Olympic Games to users online. The official signing ceremony will be held soon.

CCTV, the official internet and mobile phone broadcast partner of 2008 Olympic Games, chose PPS.TV over other internet companies in China because of its leadership, innovation and consistent quality of service in its streaming video technology. PPS.TV has long been a leader in understanding the needs of internet users in China and in delivering the best user experience to meet those needs. PPS.TV has strong experience in delivering great sports and other content online. It has been broadcasting FIFA World Cup, NBA, Asian Olympic Games, 17th People’s Congress and several other domestic and international big events for the past 2 years. With its massive user base, excellent brand name among internet users, market leader position, PPS.TV is fully dedicated to playing its part in the success of 2008 Olympic Games broadcasting, one of the most important international media events in Chinese history.