At Qiming, we are very selective about who we work with. Although still early for many of our portfolio companies, we are honored to partner with them as they continue to innovate and grow successful businesses. Below is a sample of these companies, that have announced our investment publicly:

At Qiming, we are very selective about who we work with. Although still early for many of our portfolio companies, we are honored to partner with them as they continue to innovate and grow successful businesses. Below is a sample of these companies, that have announced our investment publicly:

At Qiming, we are very selective about who we work with. Although still early for many of our portfolio companies, we are honored to partner with them as they continue to innovate and grow successful businesses. Below is a sample of these companies, that have announced our investment publicly:

At Qiming, we are very selective about who we work with. Although still early for many of our portfolio companies, we are honored to partner with them as they continue to innovate and grow successful businesses. Below is a sample of these companies, that have announced our investment publicly:

CEO Yongchang Ge
Website: www.51fanli.com

51Fanli is an integrated B2C (Business to Consumer) ecommerce portal and community, providing consumers with cash rebates, e-coupons, and shopping tips.

Website: http://www.52toys.com

the Best ACG* Derivatives Company in China

7 km
Headquarters Beijing
CEO Fei Wang
Website: www.7gongli.com.cn

An agricultural Supply ecommerce platform in China.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Xin Zhao ,Xue Liu, Zude Sun&Xueqian Du
Website: www.7k7k.com

Beijing QiKeComsenz Information Technology Co., LTD was established in September 2008. Its subsidiary 7k7k.com was based in 2003, which devote itself to build the biggest flash games platform, and become one of the most popular online communities for teenagers now.

Website: http://www.njwx99.com

A category leader in essential oils in China.

Website: http://www.akulaku.com

An internet company focused on e-commerce and online financial services in EA countries.

AnXin Doctor
Headquarters Beijing
Website: www.anxinyisheng.com

A platform that connects doctors specialized in pediatric, gynecology and dermatology and their patients, allowing patients to inquiry online and make reservations for offline treatment in private workshop where doctors can practice multi-sited license.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Tao Li
Website: www.apusapps.com

APUS ENG intro: APUS, the smallest, fastest, and smartest user system on the market. Our collection of high quality & user friendly apps will optimize your android phone.

Headquarters ShangHai
Website: www.axhome.com.cn

The largest blue-collar apartment management platform in China.

Headquarters Shanghai
Website: www.bilibili.com

Online Video 2.0- #1 'DanMu' Video SNS in China Well linked by post-90s

Website: http://www.binguohezi.com

A China leading 24-hour unmanned convenience store.

Website: www.kaiheikeji.com

To be the leading E-sports social platform where game players can be matched in an efficient way according to different skill level, interest points, age, gender and etc.

Website: www.imrfresh.com

The Leading Mini Convenient Store in Office

Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Tang Yang
Website: www.cashbus.co.uk

CashBus is an emerging micro lending company in China. CashBus provides 24/7 online automatic credit service to their clients. Since found, Cashbus has received investment from Chinese Growth Capital and Qiming Venture Partners. Headquartered in Shanghai, CashBus now has over 60 employees.

Website: http://castbox.fm

An emerging Leader of Global Mobile Audio Platform.

Website: www.shiyunji.com

Chomp-Cloud is a kitchen sharing platform for food and beverage takeout buesiness.


The IP owner and producer of a new TV series about robot fighting tournament.

Website: http://www.chumanapp.com

A leading creative community in China.

Website: http://www.coffeebox.com

Coffeebox brings in new ways of doing business to establish competitive advantages.

Headquarters Beijing
Website: www.coohua.cn

Coohua develop and operate advertising platform on mobile lock-screen.

Headquarters BeiJing
CEO Yongquan Xiao
Website: www.d.cn

D.cn is China's leading mobile game portal, long-term commitment to provide a stand-alone mobile games, social games, game community interaction, mobile phone online games such as a full range of mobile interactive entertainment service for the user.

Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Yushu Fang
Website: www.dajiabao.com

Dajiabao is an online insurance platform, providing consumers with insurance product comparison, consulting and purchasing advises.

Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Zhang Tao
Website: www.dianping.com

DianPing founded in April 2003, is the largest local search/city life website dedicated to China’s consumers

Dining Secretary
Headquarters Shanghai
Website: www.57575777.com

Dining secretary provides a one-stop dining booking service.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Jonathan Lin
Website: www.docin.com

DocIn is a platform for people to view, publish and share documents Online. It aspires to become the largest site to share, discover and monetize documents in China.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Yujie Qi
Website: www.domob.cn

We were founded in September 2010, and we committed ourselves to be the most leading mobile advertising network in China.

Domob integrated excellent application and advertising resources in the field of mobile advertising marketing, and built the advertising service platform between advertisers and publishers. We made it easy for publishers to monetize their mobile traffic based on our advantage on mass data processing and the business model suitable for publishers, and enabled advertisers to target the most suitable customers when promoting their products or brands on mobile advertising networks. Here in Domob Mobile Advertising Network, we provided a fair, reasonable and efficient resource allocation platform, and we are working on bringing the best value to publishers and advertisers.

We have senior experts in the field, and a research and development team with famous senior engineers, all of which give us particular technology advantage in running an advertising system. With years of experience in Internet advertising and ample ad resources, we wish to bring to this industry our special value.

We believe Mobile Internet will be much cooler with the existence of advertising!

eHi Car Rental
Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Ray Zhang
Website: www.1hai.cn

Founded in January 2006 with the goal of providing comprehensive car rental services to both retail and corporate clients, eHi is the first car rental company utilizes the latest information technology to achieve a complete service delivery and vehicle management system in China. With its headquarter based in Shanghai, eHi offers car rental services nation-wide with more than 700+ eHi outlets located in more than 90+ cities. eHi's fleet consists of more than 100 different vehicle types. During the past eight years since its establishment, eHi has experienced a steady and rapid growth while achieving industry leading vehicle utilization rate and brand-name recognition.

Headquarters Guangzhou
CEO Bin Mu
Website: www.FindPlastic.com

FindPlastic is a spot trade-matching platform. FindPlastic provide business matching services for plastic trading and is now the Top1 plastic spot trading platform in China. Founding team have rich experience in bulk commodity e-commerce, has raised seed round investment from Zhenshun Fund and Matrix Partners, Qiming Venture Partners and IDG Capital Partners. Headquartered in Guangzhou, FindPlastic Established branches in Yuyao, Dongguan, Lecong, Shanghai and Chengdu respectively.

Headquarters Guangzhou
Founder & CEO Kevin Wang
Website: www.forgame.com

Founded in 2008, Forgame Group is one of the largest cloud-based gaming companies in China.

The group consists of 2 game developing brands - Feiyin and Jieyou, and 1 game publishing platform – Weidong. Up to 1st half of 2012, Forgame group have accumulatively developed 20+ cloud-based games and own more than 100M registered users.

Headquarters Beijing
Founder Yanming Liu
Website: www.hairunmedia.com

Hairun Media is the largest private-owned film and TV dramas production company in China. Annual TV series production volume of Hairun is more than 600 episodes, which outperformed most of the SOEs. In addition to the strong production capacity, Hairun Media also has good branding and reputation in China TV series industry.

Happy Intelligence
Website: http://www.zhixiaole.com

Founded in Oct. 2015, the company is designing a natural language process voice interactive educational robot for 4-6-year-old kids. The robot will be ready to sell in the 2nd half year in 2016, and has been testing in kindergartens in recent months.

Headquarters Beijing
Founder: Diao Ye; CEO: Ping Zhong
Website: www.helijia.com

Helijia is currently the largest corporation in domestic O2O beauty industry, covering manicure, cosmetology, eyelash-beautify, pedicure, make up and modeling, etc. Only in one year, Helijia has exceeded all the other competitors with about one million registered users, more than 2000 beauticians, above 20000 orders per day in maximum and over ¥150 of average price. After A round of ¥30 million RMB from IDG, the estimated investment of B round has reached a billion RMB and C round is close to 300 million US dollar.

Since Helijia firstly started O2O beauty industry of manicure on-site service in March 2014, great changes have taken place in beauty industry. For manicure, Helijia cut off offline stores and abandoned its simple business module, which emancipated the beauticians’ productive forces and redefined industry module of beauty industry in the mobile internet era. Customers can enjoy manicure at home with more styles to choose than offline stores in half or less price. For manicurist, they get more incomes as Helijia never charge fees. As long as they are good technicians, they can be paid more compared with before. It is known that star manicurists of Helijia can get 60-70 thousand RMB per month.

Helijia, built up by Diaoye who also created Afu Essential Oil and Diaoye Briskets, is devoted to liberate those beauticians and help them to make a personal brand worth their whole-life dedicating. Meanwhile Helijia brings more convenient service with higher quality and lower price. Its business scale has expanded to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Guangzhou.

Website: http://www.philm.cc

A fast growing technology enabled photo/video editing app/miniprogram.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Haiyan Gong
Website: www.jiayuan.com

Jia Yuan the most frequently visited serious dating website, was founded in October 2003. Love21cn now has 100,000,000 registered members, many of whom have submitted and wanted to find their soul mates. More than 12,000,000 people have found a spouse through the website. Besides being an online dating platform, Love21cn has also organized more than offline events, such as speed dating, date tours, group wedding ceremonies. Love21cn has become a leading web.

JS Cloud
Website: http://www.jisujie.com

A leading player in machine learning risk-based pricing of SME loans.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Binghao Cheng,Chi Yu
Website: www.kaixin001.com

Kaixin001(www.kaixin001.com) is the most popular and the largest SNS in China. Ever since its establishment, kaixin001 has been devoting to providing a happy interactive platform for all the chinesenetizens.

Headquarters Hangzhou
CEO David Jiangen Cao
Website: www.kascend.com

Kascend Video is a top performing video player to support the most popular video contents and enables iPhone level user experience. With Kascend Video, user can enjoy high quality 720p video content for local play, online video, video downloading & sharing, across mobile, PC and web. Paiku, another product under Kascend, is a mobile app that enables its users to create and share video clips.

KK Inc.
Headquarters Hangzhou
CEO Alex Liu
Website: www.kktv1.comwww.kktv1.com

Founded in 2012, KKTV is a mobile video broadcasting entertainment platform, which allows performers to sing or perform in online virtual karaoke rooms and users can purchase virtual gifts to reward performers. KKTV shares revenue with performers from virtual gift income.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Ming Lei & Chelsea Huai
Website: www.koowo.com

Kuwo.cn (literally translated as “I’m cool”) is one of the leading music and entertainment software portals in China. Because of the popularity of karaoke in China, they offer KLyric, a client software product that loads into Windows Media Player and automatically matches any MP3 to its lyrics with very high accuracy. They also offer Kbox, a music player competitor to Windows media player, which allows users to play any of the millions of songs available on the Chinese Internet with associated lyrics, relevant photos of artists and albums, as well as music videos. Kbox currently has in excess of 100M downloads and is one of the top three music applications in use in China today. They also offer KBox on Apple IOS and Android, and they are one of the top three music applications on those platforms as well.

Website: www.koalareading.com

An Education company that offers self adaptive leavel reading solutions to K12 schools.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Qiangqiang W
Website: www.haoyiku.com.cn

Jingling is a startup that is focused on the VIPshop model. They source leftover inventory from mid tier brands in China, and provide tools to manage transactions on wechat. As a first step, Jingling is enabling small merchants (2B2C) to sell on wechat. They have also started to enable ordinary customers (2C) who can leverage their social networks.

Website: www.lanjinrong.com/home

Lanjingrong is a fast growing player that leverages the Wechat ecosystem for viral markteting of credit cards.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Dandan Xu,Delong Ma
Website: www.lagou.com

A fast growing, vertical approach online recruiting platform, currently focusing on recruitment of IT professionals. It was an affiliated project started by 3W Coffee which is the most well-known IT industry gathering venue in Beijing and Shenzhen.

Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Weili liu
Website: http://h5.linjia.me:8080/h5app/home.html

A Crowd-sourcing on-demand Delivery Platform.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Zhenyu Luo

A leading content provider powered by social media.

Headquarters ShangHai
Website: www.thstars.com

A virtual singer with millions fans in China. The company also developed a group of virtual idols called Vsinger.

Headquarters Beijing
Founder Mr. Gang Chen
Website: www.mafengwo.cn

Mafengwo is rated as the number one travel social community in China where users generate content from their travel experiences. Mafengwo then summarizes the data into travel guides for free downloads. It has become the online community for travelers to share experiences, make destination decisions, search travel information, and book hotels and tickets.

Headquarters Xiamen
Chairman/CEO Wensheng Cai/Xinhong Wu
Website: www.meitu.com

Meitu mainly operates two business lines: mobile application and Meitu Phone manufacturing. On the mobile application line, Meitu Xiuxiu is the No.1 photo beautification App in China; Meiyan Camera is the No.1 self-photographing App in China; Meipai is the No.1 short-video making and sharing tool/SNS. On the Meitu Phone manufacturing line, Meitu Phone is well liked by Chinese female users because of its outstanding self-photographing feature.

Website: http://www.miaoshou.com

Miaoshou captures doctors by its Miaoshou Doctor APP and realize the prescription drug online and offline sales by doctor referral.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Weiwei Hu
Website: www.mobike.com

Mobike is a leading mobile bike sharing provider, with a unique solution based on mobile app, smart device (dynamic password enabled lock, self power) and Internet of Things (IoT – no docking, GPS tracking enabled). The company provides its own robust bikes with low maintenance/theft, ensuring good user experience as well as attractive unit economics.

Headquarters Hangzhou
CEO Qi Chen
Website: www.mogujie.com

Mogujie.com, a social shopping-guide website in Hangzhou, making a platform for users which focuses on discovering the beauty and the fashion, sharing shopping fun, and making new friends. Its core mission is to combine shopping and community , which provides more efficient recommendations of the shopping decisions for consumers.

Now, Mogujie has been the leading website in the social shopping-guide industry in China.

Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Luyu Yang
Website: www.musicallyapp.tumblr.com

musical.ly is a video social network for creating, sharing and discovering short videos. Every day, millions of people use musical.ly as an outlet to express themselves through singing, dancing, comedy, and lip-syncing. The app celebrates creativity with videos that are shared across the musical.ly community. With over 100 million users, musical.ly has hit #1 in the iOS app store for free apps in 20 countries - including the United States.


A C2C goods exchange platform based on virtual currency.

Oriental Cambridge
Headquarters Beijing
CEO Songling YU
Website: www.dfjq.cc

Oriental Cambridge Education Group (“OC”) was founded in 1986 in Harbin, China. OC targets students from middle class families wanting a high quality private education at a reasonable price. OC has expanded across grades and geographies (kindergarten to college) and is one of the most comprehensive educational groups operating in more than 30 cities in China serving more than 23,000 students.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Vincent Xu, Liang Lei & H
Website: www.ppstream.com

PPStream provides streaming video programming to a large and growing audience of Chinese viewers. The company provides a peer-to-peer video player, access to a large content library, website search and an interactive community.

Website: http://www.qkuts.com

A premium kids life-style brand for haircuts and other kids-related products.

Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Nanling Zhen
Website: www.alensw.com

QuickPic is an Android-based image viewer, which has over 91 million users by word-of-mouth over the past three years with high retention rate and active rate.

Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Min Feng
Website: www.liblin.com.cn/uic/uic/login/loginByQRcode

A leading online influencer incubator & multiple brand owner.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Wei Yang
Website: www.slanissue.com

Beijing Slanissue Technology Co., Ltd devotes itself into children's development, It endeavors to promote pre-school children's education and development through integrating Internet, new multimedia technologies and publishing, providing children with multi-form products and services. The company's conception is to explore children's interests and talents, to develop children's habits and skills, and to share the joy and happiness of children's growth.

Slanissue-owned Beva.com is the leading children's development website in China. Featuring its beaver-like cartoon characters, Beva's famlily, their children's content and multimedia family early education packages are quite popular among kids and parents.

Website: www.stvgame.com

A smart TV-based game platform where users can find interesting mobile games that are adaptive to TV and play directly on TV or download it to users’ mobile phone via QR code.

Headquarters Beijing
Website: www.t4game.com

T4Game focuses on mobile game development and operation, aiming to provide 3G entertainment service for mobile users in China.

Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Benson Wang
Website: www.taomee.com

Taomee Holdings Limited (“Taomee” or “the Company”) is China’s leader in children's entertainment and media. Its award winning content offerings are both engaging and educational, endearing it to children, as well as to parents and teachers. The Company was founded in 2007 with the mission to bring joy and inspiration to children. Its popular character franchises, including SEER and MOLE’S WORLD, are distributed online via virtual worlds, web games and mobile applications, as well as through traditional media, including animated box office films, TV series, books and consumer products, most notably interactive toys and trading cards.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Jianshe Fan
Website: www.tiebaobei.com

Tiebaobei is a professional trading platform for used industrial machineries. Tiebaobei serves buyers and sellers through an online-to-offline way: Tiebaobei will detect sellers’ machineries and upload detection reports together with other basic information to Tiebaobei online platform; buyers can view machineries online and attend offline auctions which held by Tiebaobei.

Website: http://www.tongzhuogame.com

A social gaming platform for China’s youth.

Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Min Chen
Website: www.tuhu.cn

Tuhu is the largest automobile after-sales e-commerce website in China founded in Nov 2011. Its headquarter is in Shanghai. Tuhu.cn consolidates online and offline as the One Stop Automobile After-sales Service Center.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Jun Luo
Website: www.tujia.com

Tujia, a subsidiary of Ctrip, was founded by Luo Jun and Melissa Yang in December 2011. Tujia.com offers a high-quality vacation rental reservation platform that provides online search, inquiry and booking services of rental properties. It provides high-quality vacation rentals for travelers and flexible value-added services for owners. Since its founding, it has become a leading brand of domestic vacation rentals in China.

Headquarters Shanghai
Founder Dr. Ming Yang; CEO Dr. Eric Yang
Website: www.tutor-group.com;www.vipabc.com

TutorGroup operates a host of online learning platforms, with global operation headquarters in Shanghai and offices in Taipei and Beijing. Through English learning brands such as VIPABC, TutorABC, and Chinese learning brand TutorMing, TutorGroup provides premium online education services via a mass-individualized live & interactive system to learners worldwide. It transcends the physical boundaries by bringing the best teachers from all over the globe to the learners’ doorsteps. Over the years, these cloud-based solutions have garnered critical acclaim and countless industry awards. Now servicing millions of classes a year, it is a leading e-learning brand worldwide. TutorGroup currently boasts qualified tutors spanning over 30 countries and 60 cities. Extended from e-Learning 2.0, TutorGroup is marching on toward mobile learning and social learning.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Nian Chen
Website: www.vancl.com

VANCL, utilizes the advantage of internet to rapidly deliver their best products to the consumers in an appropriate price. Its mainly provides business-casual wear, providing a life style of environmental protection, concision and casualness. Since its foundation in 2007, with rapid development of its business, Vancl’s branding influence power grows increasingly in the field of China’s apparel e-commerce, and has established its leading position in the trade. Passed ITS Quality Inspection.

Headquarters Hangzhou
CEO Zhiguo Li
Website: www.wacai.com

Founded in 2009, Wacai is the first mobile personal wealth management application in China. It is not only a personal financial accounting tool with the ability to record daily expenses and analyze users’ consumption behavior, but it also recommends private wealth management products and services. Wacai has accumulated over 5 years of user data including monthly income, daily expense, credit card information, borrowing, debt repayment, and personal investment information.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Dandan Ke Lin
Website: www.caifuqiao.cn

An Independent Financial Advisor Platform in China.

CEO Song Lin
Website: http://www.webcomicsapp.com

An emerging leader of oversea comics platform

Website: http://www.xbonline.net

A fast growing "Toutiao" for southeast Asia.

Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Sinba Zhang
Website: www.xueba100.com

Xueba is a mobile APP helping students to analyze homework exercises. Students use their smart phone to take a picture of the exercise they are unsure of. Answers will be sent to the APP within 10 seconds. Xueba provides answers and analysis of each question can provide additional exercise. Since found, Xueba has received investment from Vertex Ventures and Qiming Ventures investment. Headquartered in Shanghai, Xueba now has over 200 employees.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Fumao Zhang
Website: www.youxigu.com

Top web game (网页游戏) developer and operator in China, founded by vice GM and chief engineer from Kingsoft. Their popular products are Might and Hero (英雄之门) and Huashan Sword (华山论剑) etc.

YPX Cayman Holdings Co.,Ltd
Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Chen Ruichang& Chris Tay
Website: www.ypxfood.com

YPX Cayman Holdings Co.,Ltd was registered in China in August 2010. The company aims to be one of the leading company in the F&B Industry managing multi brands, multi concepts chain operated restaurants.


A social based E-commerce in Wechat Eco-system.

Website: http://www.zaojiu.com

Chinese TED: Platform that connects thinkers

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Zhou Yuan
Website: www.zhihu.com

Zhihu.com is the leading social Q&A online service provider in China. With a vision to build the best online platform that encourages and facilitates the creation, exchange and flow of genuine and in-depth knowledge, insights, expertise and know-hows in a unique social pattern, Zhihu.com aims to bring high-quality, user-generated information contents to the 500 million Chinese online users.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Jinbo Li
Website: www.izuiyou.com/home

An emerging leader of mobile community for post-90s.

Headquarters GuangZhou
CEO Jiancheng Li
Website: www.zuzuche.com

Zuzuche.com is the leading international car rental platform in China, with a great coverage of 40,000 car pick-up stores in 180 countries. Besides highly price-competitive products, Zuzuche.com provides 7x24 Chinese after-sales services customized for the Chinese travelers. Every year, there are more than one million Chinese international travelers have chosen our services.

Headquarters San Diego
CEO Xu Xiao
Website: http://www.aceabio.com/

ACEA is a biotechnology company that is pioneering the development and commercialization of high performance, cutting edge cell analysis instruments for life science research and clinical diagnostics. Its Real-Time Cell Analysis (RTCA) instruments maximize the physiological relevance of data extracted from in vitro cellular assays. And their new cancer drug has received SFDA class 1.1 clinical trial approval.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Changying Li
Website: www.aeonmed.com

Aeonmed is a leading company in Operating Room, Intensive Care Unit and healthcare system solution area. It has become a comprehensive medical care supplier in OR and ICU areas providing three product portfolios and five total solutions.

Headquarters Chengdu
CEO Mark Zou
Website: www.alltechmed.com

AllTech is an innovative, experienced team building next generation MRI equipment and magnets for both domestic and export markets. Its lead product, the Centauri 1.5T system, launched in 2009, has been successfully installed across China and introduced to international markets. AllTech is the only company other than GE Healthcare, Siemens and Philips that has ownership of all the key technologies in high-field MRI.

Headquarters Xiamen
CEO Zheng Limou
Website: www.amoydiagnostics.com

Company introduction: Amoy Diagnostics Co., Ltd. (AmoyDx) provides state-of-the-art molecular diagnostic products and services to various customers including but not limited to healthcare providers, academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies. AmoyDx has a rich portfolio of test kits that mainly focuses on oncology target therapy companion diagnostics.

Anssure pharma
Website: www.anssure.com

A leading pharma for transdermal patch.

Website: www.antengene.com

A Global Life Science Ambassador with a Multi-source Healthcare Platform through Internal R&D and External Partnership

CEO Xiaozhou Gu
Website: www.aohua.com

AOHUA is one of the leading global providers of endoscopy devices and solutions. Firmly committed to our mission of "Endoscopy partner", we are a partner that we are a professional partner of doctors, clinics, hospitals, medical equipment distributors, etc., We provide complete endoscopy solutions integrated across all fields covering Medical, Veterinary and industrial.

APT Medical
Headquarters Shenzhen
CEO Fan Cheng
Website: www.aptmed.com

APT Medical Inc. is a leading developer, manufacturer and vendor of advanced interventional cardiovascular medical devices. APT focus on the fields of Electrophysiology and Cardiology treatment, including Electrophysiology catheter, Hemostasis guiding sheath, MicroCatheter, Guiding catheter, PTCA balloon catheter and so on.

Ark Biosicences
Headquarter Shanghai
CEO Jim Wu
Website: www.arkbiosciences.com

Bioscience (Tianjin) Diagnostic Technology Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Bioscience) is currently located at Tianjin Dongli development area, is a high and new technology enterprise which integrates R&D, manufacture, marketing and providing related technical supports for IVD instruments and reagents.

Arrail Dental
Headquarters Beijing
CEO Robert Zou
Website: www.arrail-dental.com

ARRAIL International Group LTD, as a professional company endeavoring in investment management of medicine & sanitation, was founded by returned overseas Chinese and prominent entrepreneurs in international medical field. ARRAIL Dental affiliated with the group LTD was set up in Beijing in1999. Cooperating with University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and adopting international advanced medical management patterns, ARRAIL Dental has operated 23 clinics in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. ARRAIL Dental aims to build the best dental service provider in China.

Website: www.alphabiopharma.com.cn

Alpha Biopharma is committed to the clinical development of global innovator drug. The company collaborates with the large-scale international drug companies to ensure the preliminary research and development of the product is solid and reliable.

Website: www.abbisko.com

Abbisko Therapeutics is founded by a group of seasoned drug hunters with rich research and managerial experience from top global and Chinese pharmaceutical companies.

Headquarters Shanghai
CEO David Wang
Website: www.sangon.com

Founded in 2003, Shanghai Sangon Biotechnology is one of China leaders in life sciences research and development services, providing chemical and biological reagents, DNA synthesis, molecular biology kit, protein, antibody, and laboratory consumables.

Berry Genomics
Headquarters Beijing
Founder and CEO, Daixing Zhou
Website: www.berrygenomics.com

Berry Genomics is the No.1 player in Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing in China, is dedicated to applying new DNA sequencing technologies to clinic.

Website: http://www.bioscience-tj.com

Headquarters ShangHai
Website: www.bondent.net

Bondent Group is a platform that provides integrated services to dental centers. Based in a multidisciplinary integration of business and the Internet, the company is committed to building a brand new and healthy ecosystem for oral health. Our goal is improving China’s technological and industrial levels in the dental field, offering assistance to dentists, and safeguarding the oral health of 1.3 billion Chinese people, by means of education and training, introducing foreign cutting-edge technologies, and independent R & D and manufacturing in China.

CEO: Henky Wibowo
Website: www.broncus.com

Broncus Medical’s mission is to deliver navigation, diagnostic & therapeutic technologies to treat patients with lung disease. The Company has a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio with ~75 patents including those issued, licensed, and pending. First generation product already obtained approval from US FDA. Second generation product is currently undergoing clinical trials in both US and China.

Headquarters Beijing
Founder and CEO, Feng Lan
Website: www.chinabsc.com

BSC is one of the leaders in China telemedicine area, the company has long time track record in telemedicine for military and is the expert in both software and hardware.

Headquarter Beijing
CEO James Xue
Website: www.cn.canbridgepharma.com

CANbridge Life Sciences Ltd. is a bio-pharmaceutical company accelerating development and commercialization of specialty healthcare products for serious and critical medical conditions in China and North Asia (Korea and Taiwan).

Headquarters Tianjin
CEO Xuefeng Yu
Website: http://www.cansinotech.com/

Cansino is a biotechnology company focuses on vaccine products for human use, it was founded in Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Area (TEDA) in 2009,and built up product line based on their unique technologies, including conjugate vaccines,recombinant adenovirus vector based tuberculosis vaccine, recomkinant protein based pneumococcal vaccine, etc.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Housheng Jiang
Website: www.centreherbs.com

Beijing Centre Biology Cooperation is a leading company in animal drug sector. It is the largest provider of animal TCMs in China. The company is providing several innovated animal drugs with its national network. The company covers the whole industrial chain with 3 self-built plantations and an extraction facility. “Gan dan Oral Liquid”is the only China animal drug approved by SFDA.

Chain Medical Labs (CMLabs)
Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Mr. Yorks Guo
Website: www.cmlabs.com.cn

The Chain Medical Labs is a professional independent medical laboratory established by a team of experienced technical and management experts. The company has built alliance with internationally renowned labs and high-end equipment vendors.

Citic Pharma
Headquarter Beijing
CEO Changsen Sun
Website: www.citicpharm.com.cn

Citic Pharmaceutical is a composite group for hospital drug supply, inter-regional commercial distribution of vaccine sales, sales of medical equipment supplies and retail pharmaceutical service. It is the second largest pharmaceutical and equipment distributor in the northern region. It was acquired by Shanghai Pharmaceutical (601607.SH) in 2011.

Coland Pharma
Headquarters Shanghai
CEO JohuaTsao
Website: www.colandpharma.com

Established in 2003,Coland is a Specialty pharmaceutical company focusing on marketing branded products and developing solid pipelines through collaboration with leading institutes. Its main interests are in the dedicated therapeutic areas – Hepatitis, Immunology, Oncology, and other niche areas. Coland launched first-to-market generic, DaidingTM (Adefovir), , that treats HBV in 2005.Coland was listed in Taiwan stock market(4144-TW) in 2011 Oct.

CrownBio Science
Headquarters Beijing & Silicon Valley
CEO Alex Wu
Website: www.crownbio.com

Crown Bioscience Inc. is a US based oncology service company committed to advancing anti-cancer and diabetic therapeutics through the preclinical and drug development stages. Our company is headquartered in Silicon Valley, with wholly owned research facilities in Kanapolis, Beijing (China), and Taicang (China). Top 20 pharmaceutical companies worldwide are all company’s customers.

Website: www.doctorjob.com.cn

A leading clinical study center chain in China. Tigermed invested in this company.

Website: www.connectbiopharm.com/

Connect Biopharmaceuticals is a China-based global clinical-stage company focused on discovery and development of novel immune modulators for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and inflammation. Our drug discovery technology platform is built on the biology of T cell functions, which identifies molecules that target clinical-validated disease pathways.

Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Shengping Xu
Website: www.desano.com

Since established in 1996, Desano Pharma has developed into a key supplier with branded generic APIs. Headquartered in Shanghai, Desano Pharma spans its activities crossing the entire value chain from R&D, manufacturing, regulatory to sales and marketing. The company is one of global leading suppliers of anti-AIDS APIs.

Headquarters Shanghai
Website: www.dmedglobal.com

A rising star in China Clinical CRO market

DK Medtech
CEO Yulin Weng
Website: www.dkmedtech.com

DK Medtech is an interventional medical device start-up company, focusing on R&D and manufacturing of various vessel interventional products. The company aims to provide full sets of high-tech balloon catheter solutions. Main products include conventional/cutting/drug coated balloon catheters for coronary artery disease (CAD) and conventional/high pressure/drug coated balloon catheters for peripheral artery angioplasty (PTA).

Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Hong Tan
Website: http://www.ethealthcare.com.cn/

ET Healthcare is a leading POCT device and reagent provider, their unique platform and flexible testing menu provide value for all types of hospitals. Their reagents cover many important categories, including inflammation, cardiac marker, infectious disease, drug and tumor markers.

Website: www.firstgrid.cn

The company is focusing on professional 3rd party warehouse & logistic service to high-value medical device / consumable.

Website: http://www.bjgoodwill.com

A professional medical IT service provider.

Headquarter Shanghai
CEO Shipeng Song
Website: www.gammastar.com

GammaStar is a high-tech company with independent intellectual property and senior professional background, focus on major medical equipment, research and development, manufacturing and services. The core team has created and promoted a gamma ray precise radiotherapy industry, gathering over ten years of experience in medical device development.

Gan& Lee
Headquarters Beijing
CEO Zhongru Gan
Website: www.ganlee.com

Founded in 1998, Gan& Lee Pharmaceuticals (Gan& Lee) is a leading biotechnology company in China engaged in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of human therapeutics. Gan& Lee has fully integrated capabilities in research and development, manufacturing, commercial operations and product distribution. Its top line products recombinant human insulin and insulin analogs meet EP and USP quality standards, and it is the only local company which owns human insulin analogue in China.

Headquarter Beijing
CEO Jun Xia
Website: www.bjgoodwill.com

Goodwill is dedicated in developing and promoting high quality electronic medical record (EMR), medical devices and medical consumables. Goodwill is a leader in EMR sector, and its products are widely used in all tiers hospitals and clinics.

Headquarters Hangzhou
CEO Jieyuan Liao
Website: www.guahao.com

Guahao is the China’s largest registration platform authorized by China Ministry of Health (MOH), founded in 2010 in Hangzhou with name of “National Healthcare Consulting and Guidance Platform”. Initially, Guahao.com starts to provide online and telephone registration service for 8 hospitals in Shanghai in 2011. And later on, it becomes the largest registration platform connected directly to hospitals.

Headquarters Shenzhen
CEO Huashan Yang
Website: www.guokang.com

Guokang Healthcare Co. Ltd is one of the largest healthcare service companies in China. Working closely with enterprises, government and healthcare insurance companies, Guokang provides a proactive, customized healthcare plan for individuals and companies to slow down disease progression promote wellness and help the customers realize their personal best.

Website: www.innostic.com

The one of the largest warehouse & logistics platform for CV consumables in China.

Website: http://www.jacobiopharma.com

A leading innovative drug engine in China.

JFK Biotech
Headquarter Hangzhou
CEO: Dr. Ran Chen
Website: www.jfkbio.com

Founded in July 2012, JFK Biotech is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative biomarker and targeted molecular technology, and molecular diagnostic products for tumors. JFK developed a world leading, innovative and highly efficient nucleic acid amplification method. The method is applied to develop a platform of RNA, telomeres, telomerase, alternative telomeres extension mechanism diagnostic technologies.

Headquarters Nanjing
Founder and CEO, Xuecai Pan
Website: www.jhtcm.com

JHT is a reputable TCM clinics chain, setting the high standards for sourcing, management and customer supports in the field.


Kira Pharmaceuticals is a biotech startup based on cutting-edge complement immunological sciences, with research labs and operations both in China and US, led by pharmaceutical/biotech veterans.

Headquarters Beijing
Website: www.lih-invest.com

A Fast-Expanding Rehab Service Group

Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Zhang Fabao
Website: wwww.medsci.cn

Company introduction: MedSci provides career support service to doctors and E-marketing service to pharmaceuticals through its medical specialty website MedSCI.cn; MedSCI.cn is now the second biggest platform in medical field.Bioon Group provides career support service to doctors and E-marketing service to pharmaceuticals through its medical specialty website MedSCI.cn; Bioon Group also provides career support service to professionals in life science industry and E-marketing service to enterprises in life science industry through its Life science specialty website Bioon.com. Bioon Group provides career support service to doctors and E-marketing service to pharmaceuticals through its medical specialty website MedSCI.cn; Bioon Group also provides career support service to professionals in life science industry and E-marketing service to enterprises in life science industry through its Life science specialty website Bioon.com. Bioon Group provides career support service to doctors and E-marketing service to pharmaceuticals through its medical specialty website MedSCI.cn; Bioon Group also provides career support service to professionals in life science industry and E-marketing service to enterprises in life science industry through its Life science specialty website Bioon.com.

Headquarters Hangzhou
CEO Pan Zheng
Website: www.microtechmd.com/index.html

MicroTech Medical founded in January, 2011 in Hangzhou Future Technical City, which is the Industrial Garden for High-level Overseas Talents in Zhejiang Province, recieved capital from Eli Lilly and Company.

Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
CEO Rick Geoffrion
Website: www.mitralign.com

Mitralign Inc. is a venture-backed, medical innovation company located near Boston, Massachusetts, USA. It is the valve repair company with the only direct transcatheter annuloplasty system designed to treat both functional mitral regurgitation and tricuspid regurgitation.
For the millions of patients who’ve exhausted other therapeutic options, Mitralign is a lifeline.

New Horizon Health
Website: http://www.newhorizonbio.com

Home-based diagnostic and screening services for high incidence tumors.

Headquarters Nantong
CEO Guohua Zhang
Website: www.novast.com

Novast is a generic and specialty pharmaceutical company, operated in both China and the United States. Novast is dedicated to uphold the highest quality and drug delivery technology in product development and commercial manufacturing with the state of art current GMP (“cGMP”) facilities. The Company integrates science and technology with quality in all disciplines to develop and supply cost effective and affordable products with global strategic alliances for the worldwide regulated markets.

Headquarters Hangzhou
Founder & CEO Fangping Li
Website: www.nurotron.com

Nurotron is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to becoming the world’s leading supplier of nerve electronic products. In the current stage, the Company is mainly engaged in developing and manufacturing of multi-channel cochlear implant. Nurotron has been the 1st Company in China and 4th Company in the world, which has the core technology to manufacture a cochlear.

Headquarters Maryland, US
CEO Weiwu He
Website: www.origene.com

OriGene is a leading research tool company providing gene, protein & antibody products for research and medical testing. OriGene owns the largest full-length human cDNAs and the largest full length human proteins in the world. It is also developing one of the largest antibody base with its rich resource and cutting-edge technology.

Headquarters Hangzhou
CEO Frank Geng
Website: www.quickcare.com.cn

PharmaSky is the industry leader in community health services. Starting from 30 clinics, it has built up a community clinic chain covering the entire China. It continually improves the community healthcare service to a new level by leveraging chronic disease management, methodology, pharmaceutical distribution platform, and customer relationship management technology.

Pine & Power Biotech
Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Hongbin He
Website: www.shsongli.com

Pine & Power Biotech is the industry leader in biologic surgical device. Its product fibrin sealant has the most advanced technology in the world and the self-owned IP.

Website: http://www.transmedchina.com

A total solution provider in precision medicine

Website: http://www.qiangsenmedical.com

The largest private community medical service provider in Xi’an.

Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Jinliang Ju
Website: www.rdbio.com

Rendu Biotech owns the core technology in RNA diagnosis and devotes in the development, sales of RNA diagnostic product based on its SAT technology. Rendu diagnostic product has excellent sensitivity and accuracy, less contamination, could be widely used in the laboratory test of pathogenic microorganism, blood screening and environmental microorganism test.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Aihua Gong
Website: www.缺.com

Beijing Richen-Force Science & Technology was founded in July 2002, with R&D and production base in Beijing, Guangzhou and Taizhou. The company developed 13C-UBT (13C urea breath test) diagnosis system which has become golden standard of HP diagnosis. The company is a state-level high-tech enterprise.

Headquarter Shanghai
Website: www.sanyoumed.com

Shanghai Sanyou Medical Co., Ltd is a corporation that is therapy innovation oriented and devotes to the R&D , manufacture and sales of independently innovative orthopedics implants . The headquarter is located in the Medical Apparatus Garden of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park , Shanghai . In September 2010 , a senior international management team finished the corporation restructuring and set up a brand new management mechanism to become a valuable and sustainable company .

Website: http://www.sceneray.com

One of the Two Domestic Neuromodulation Companies

Headquarter Beijing
Founder and CEO: Dr. Kun Meng
Website: www.无.com

Shenogen Pharma Group is a drug discovery and development company founded in 2006 based in Beijing and dedicated to the development of first-in-class therapeutics for cancer treatment. The company possesses robust intellectual property rights around a novel membrane-bound estrogen receptor, ER-alpha 36, which is related to tumor metastasis.

Shulan Health
Headquarters HangZhou
Website: www.shulanhealth.com

Shulan (Hangzhou) Hospital was founded by a group of academicians, private companies and individuals, operating on the principle of ‘Patient Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, and Government Satisfaction.

Headquarters Shenzhen
Chairman Haiming Wu
Website: www.sinomdt.com

SinoMDT focuses on the development of medical equipment. It has launched SinoPower Series high pressure injector for CT/MRI/DSA enhanced contrast imaging, the SN-50 series injection/infusion pump and workstation, and the mammography for breast diagnosis. Sino has obtained the certificate for the first domestic-made digital mammography from CFDA.

Website: http://www.sinotau.com

Sinotau Pharmaceutical Group was founded in 2004 with one clear mission in mind, to provide "healthier lives" to patients in China. Through years of R&D efforts our company has developed three clear scopes within the Group, a more traditional generic Pharma arm, an innovative biological initiative and a nuclear medicine (Radiopharmaceutical) enterprise.  

Website: www.sinovision-tech.com

SINOVISION Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd., headquartered in the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, China, has expanded its footprints globally, with research centers and offices in many countries. The company, home to a wealth of veteran scientists, engineers and elites in industry, aims to create an industry system for high-end medical imaging equipment that integrates research and development, production, and sales.

SMTP technology
Headquarters Beijing
CEO Qun Cao
Website: www.tpmedical.com

SMTP technology is focused on innovation in orthopedic and surgical medical device to provide better solution to surgeons and patients. The company’s products are recognized as one of most trusted brands in ultrasonic orthopedic medical device in China.

Website: www.sinocelltech.com

Sinocelltech is specialized in development of cutting-edge process and manufacturing technologies for biological products such as recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, and gene therapy products.

Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Jian’er Yao
Website: www.tellgen.com

Tellgen Life Science was dedicated exclusively to the development, production and distribution of high-quality automated workflow solutions for research and clinical diagnostics laboratories in the life sciences sector. With the tremendous development, Tellgen became the market leader in molecular diagnosis area, and had consistently delivered diagnostic products for healthcare. Tellgen is the only provider and manufacturer of flow fluorescence chip with SFDA approval.

Headquarters Hangzhou
CEO Xiaoping, Ye
Website: www.tigermed.net

Tigermed is one of leading Contract Research Organizations (CRO) in China specialized in pharmaceutical research and development. It offers a broad range of services including all phases of GCP-compliant clinical trials, registration (chemical and biological drugs, medical device and functional food etc.), new drug development and technology transfer, GCP training, marketing research. Tigermed is expected to go IPO in ChiNext within 2012.

Website: www.tisenc.com

An innovative IVD company focusing on POCT.

Venus Medtech
Headquarters Hangzhou
CEO Eric Zi
Website: www.venusmedtech.com

Venus Medtech focuses on the R&D of transvascular intervention device. Its tanscatheter aortic valve and tanscatheter pulmonary valve are in clinical trial.

Website: www.frontagelab.com.cn

We are a CRO providing integrated, scientifically-driven research, analytical and development services throughout the drug discovery and development process to enable biopharmaceutical companies to achieve their drug development goals. We provide integrated, scientifically-driven research, analytical and development services throughout the drug discovery and development process to enable biopharmaceutical companies to achieve their drug development goals.

Vinno Technology
Headquarters Suzhou
CEO Peter Xi
Website: www.vinno.com

Vinno aims to become the premier color ultrasound equipment manufacturer in China. The founders and the team are from large multi-national corporations and all have rich experiences in the color ultrasound industry. Vinno’s color ultrasound equipment will have similar performance to products from GE and Siemens but at a more competitive price point.

VR Medical Inc
Website: www.vrmedical.net

VR Medical, a US based company, was established in 2009 to provide medical device companies, and distributors, a new and more effective low-cost, high-quality manufacturing resource.

Wuxi Vision Pro (Leiming)
Headquarters Wuxi
CEO: Dr. Xiugao Liao
Website: www.wx-visinpro.com

Wuxi Leiming is an emerging leader in ophthalmic materials and devices. The company develops intraocular lens and related products, to provide solutions for cataract, glaucoma, retinopathy, and other ophthalmic diseases. The company has also developed its own innovative and proprietary high refractive index hydrophobic acrylic biocompatible material, for future product developments.

Zai Lab
Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Samantha Du
Website: www.zailaboratory.com

Zai is a leading biotech company in China developing innovative medicines, focusing on large unmet medical needs in China with global market expansion potential.

Zhuhai DL Biotech
Headquarter Zhuhai
CEO Huaqing Lin
Website: www.medicaldl.com

Zhuhai DL Biotech. Co., Ltd. Is a Chinese High-Tech enterprise specialized in microbial medical instruments and in vitro diagnostic reagents. It is one of the few with independent intellectual property rights, integrating with R&D, production and sales.

Website: www.zjbanger.com

The largest and fastest growing private Orthopaedic Hospital Group in China.

Website: www.zd-med.com.cn

Domestic leader in ophthalmologic OCT equipment

360 Ants
Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Song Ye
Website: www.xiaoyi.com

Founded in Aug, 2013, 360 Ants is the provider of cloud-based Wi-Fi video related mobile accessories , supporting software, and cloud services. Its products include GoPro like HD sport camera and Dropcam like HD surveillance camera.

ABC Fintech
Website: http://www.abcfintech.com

AI-enabled capital markets data and intelligence software.

Website: http://bomming.com/index_en.html

The technology and methods used to provide imaging-based automatic inspection and analysis for such applications as automatic inspection, process control, and robot guidance in industry.

Bouffalo Lab
Website: www.bouffalolab.com

A IoT connectivity and SOC IC computer.

Website: https://cencorpautomation.com

Cencorp Automation is one of the leading process automation solution providers in the world. We employ over 100 professionals in Finland, USA, Germany, France and China.

Chaitin Tech
Headquarters BeiJing
Website: https://chaitin.cn/en/

Cyber Security Software & Service

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Song Wang
Website: www.chinacache.com

ChinaCache is a leading content distribution network (similar to Akamai) provider in China. It has been providing CDN services since 2001. The company has built 115 service nodes across 45 major cities throughout China with total network capacity exceeding 150 Gbps. Its network is interconnected with all major carrier networks in China, including those of China Telecom, China Netcom, China Mobile, China Unicom and CERNET.

Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Karl Zhang
Website: www.cootek.com

Shanghai Han Xiang (CooTek) Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CooTek”) is founded in August, 2008. CooTek focuses on developing mobile application and providing service related to mobile internet. CooTek is aiming at improving the usability and enriching the functionalities of mobile devices through our innovative software. Recently, TouchPal (触宝手机输入法) and Smart Dialer (触宝智能拨号) are the main software products. CooTek also provides customers with software .

Website: http://www.coremed.com.cn

A leading one stop medical device CRO

Website: http://www.eigentech.ai

Founded in late 2016, Eigen Tech employs the world's most advanced machine/deep learning techniques to significantly improve the efficiency and quality of media production.

Face ++
Headquarters Beijing
CEO Yin Qi
Website: www.faceplusplus.com.cn

Face++ is a new vision platform built by Megvii Inc. aiming at providing compact, powerful, and cross-platform vision service. Face++ uses the cutting-edge technology of computer vision and data mining to provide 3 core vision services (Detection, Recognition, and Analysis). With the service and huge database of celebrity from Face++, the developers can apply the face technology into their own websites, mobile Apps, and smart TVs, increasing incredible user experience.

FiMi Technology Limited (Feimi)
Headquarters Beijing
CEO JunLei
Website: http://www.mi.com/miuav/

FeiMi designs and manufactures drones for personal use. Their IP includes the design of the flight control system, stabilization system, the drone hardware and the associated APP's

Headquarters ShenZheng
Website: http://en.finern.com/

Since established headquarters in Shanghai in 2011 and founded Shenzhen Branch in November, 2013, FINERO group has been committed to Testing automation equipment, Assembly automation equipment and Packing automation equipment.

Headquarters HangZhou
CEO Tao Jiang
Website: www.tongdun.cn

Founded in 2013, FraudMetrix is China's leading online risk control and anti-fraud service provider with its proprietary SAAS software technology and fraud database. It has customers from P2P, Internet banking, E-commerce, SNS, O2O, third party payment, banking and other industries.

Website: https://www.tigergraph.com

TigerGraph is the world’s fastest graph analytics platform designed to unleash the power of interconnected data for deeper insights and better outcomes. TigerGraph fulfills the true promise and benefits of the graph platform by tackling the toughest data challenges in real time, no matter how large or complex the dataset.

Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Caiming Huang
Website: www.hypereal.com

Hypereal is developing software-layer core technologies and adopting a Valve-like model: partnering with PC/phone makers and net café platform operators to enter the market.

Website: http://www.infervision.com/

Beijing Infervision is an artificial intelligence high-tech company committed to applying deep learning technology to assist medical image diagnosis as efficient and accurate solutions. Infervision effectively uses various types of medical data to create clinically valued products and promotes precision analysis in the medical field especially in assisted image diagnosis.

Headquarters NanJing
CEO Jingkang Liu
Website: www.insta360.com

Insta360 is dedicated to creating the best 360 degree panoramic camera. Insta360 is the first 360 degree panoramic camera that take a panoramic view of the 4K resolution videos and panoramic photos. It will be widely used in tourism, real estate, news media, sport competitions, large events and other fields. It gives a 360 degree perspective and subversive visual experience to users, breaking the inherent limitations of traditional videos. Panoramic video with virtual reality device provides users greater immersive experiences.

Headquarters Zhuhai
CEO Yongxiang Cao/Chairman Qiquan Wu
Website: www.intelligentgroup.cn

Intelligent is dedicated to the research and development of all kinds of electrical and gas operated automatic equipment, test systems, design and fabrications for varied hardware moulds, jigs, as well as fixtures. Our automated products are mainly used for production automation, factory automation, process automation, in addition to test systems.

Website: www.idsmanager.com

A software and cloud-based provider of Identity Access Management (IAM).

Website: http://jingchi.ai

WeRide is a mobility company powered by artificial intelligence. We are committed to creating an innovative mobility solution for the China market where every trip will be safe, efficient, cost-effective and leisurely.

Lanmi Technology
Headquarters Dongguan
CEO Hao Ma
Website: www.qcymall.com

Dongguan Lanmi technology Co.,Ltd as Xiaomi ecological chain industrial company Which focused on wireless and audio development, is responsible for the development and production of Xiaomi Bluetooth headset. Our R&D team has more than 10 years experience of bluetooth industry background, commitment to wireless, audio field and build vertical market segments to provide the ultimate, intelligent and healthy high-technology products. Its own brand "QCY"of April 2015 already has more than 10 million loyal fans.

Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Xiangguang Shi
Website: www.letel.com.cn

Founded in March 1992, Shanghai Letel Communication Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd. (Letel Telecom) is a joint-stock listed enterprise specialized in production, R&D, marketing and services of information and telecommunication network infrastructures.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO YangZhang
Website: http://www.iqi-inc.com/

Beijing AIQI Technology Co.,Ltd. is an Internet technology company concentrating on the research and development in the field of Artificial Intelligent and Robotic Technology.

Headquarters BeiJing
CEO Xiao Yang, He
Website: www.oneapm.com

Beijing Blueware Technology Co.,Ltd, aka OneAPM and established in 2008, is a leading enterprise software solutions provider for APM (Application Performance Management & Monitoring), covering end to end real time performance monitoring on servers, PC browsers, mobile apps etc. It supports SAAS and private cloud operating environment, as well as all mainstream programming languages and applications.

Website: http://www.prmeasure.com

Founded in 2011, is national high and new technology enterprise, the headquarters is located in zhuhai doumen district Bai Jiao science and technology industrial park.

Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Shiwei Xu/COO Guihua Lv
Website: www.qiniu.com

Qiniu is founded in 2011 by Shiwei Xu, a leading figure in China cloud storage area. Qiniu is dedicated to providing reliable and scalable cloud storage, CDN, and data processing services.

Headquarters Beijing
Website: www.roborock.com

Founded in July 2014,Beijing Roborock Technology Co., Ltd. (Roborock) specializes in the research, development and production of robotic home cleaners and other cleaning appliances.

Headquarters Guangzhou
CEO Xun Tang
Website: www.sequoiadb.com

SequoiaDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database that supports JSON transaction processing and SQL. SequoiaDB also integrates well with Spark and Hadoop. SequoiaDB has been deployed by Chinese IaaS vendors as a database service and also used by many Fortune 500 corporations and Internet companies. SequoiaDB is awarded ‘2014 China’s Top 50 Most Innovative Company’ by Fast Company.

Headquarters Shanghai
CEO Yuanhao Sun
Website: www.transwarp.cn

Transwarp is the only pureplay Chinese company developing and providing the commercial distribution of Hadoop and Spark for big data. Their distributed in-memory analysis engine and real-time large-scale computation platform are more than 10 times faster than the Apache Hadoop open-source version. Transwarp's founding team is one of the earliest Hadoop commercial distribution developers in the world.

CEO Jerry Li
Website: www.tungee.com

Tungee is a predictive analytics for sales optimization.

Headquarters Shenzhen
CEO Jian Zhou
Website: www.ubtrobot.com/

UBTECH Robotics is the first company in China to designs, manufactures, and sells autonomous humanoid robots for entertainment and service purposes. The company has multiple product families: the intelligent family robot Alpha, the building block robot Delta, the walking robot Cruiser, etc. UBTech's robots are configured with digital servos and various smart sensors, capable of interacting with humans in many ways, and programmable through smart phones or tablets. The company owns more than 30 patents and has operations in China, US, Japan, and Europe.

CEO Fengcu
Website: www.woqu365.com

WorkTrans is an intelligent workplace management Saas for service industry.

Headquarters Shenzhen
CEO Boliang Wen
Website: www.xiaoman.cn

Xiaoman is a vertical market share leader, although only launched in mid 2014. Superior user interface design, affordable cost and easy deployment led to rapid customer acquisition among suppliers who previously relied on Excel spreadsheets and free public email accounts for export transactions.

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Jun Lei , Lin Bin , Kong-Kat Wong, Wanqiang Li, Hong Feng , Guangping Zhou, De Liu
Website: www.xiaomi.com

Xiaomi is established in April 2010 by excellent former personnel of Google, Microsoft, Motorola, Baidu, Kingsoft, Alibaba, BYD, etc. Xiaomi is focused in building mobile applications/services for the Android/IPhone platforms.

Website: https://www.xsky.com/

XSKY Beijing Data Technology Corporation Limited is a China based technical company focusing on software-defined-infrastructure products and services.

Headquarters Beijing
Website: www.unisound.com

Yunzhisheng is focusing on intelligent speech recognition and natural language processing technology platform. By providing rich speech recognition APIs to enable voice control interface for businesses.

Air Quality
Headquarters Shanghai
Website: www.airquality.com.cn

roducts and solutions to support the transformation of China’s Power Industry.

Headquarters Shenzhen
CEO Mr. Xueqin HE
Website: www.btrchina.com

BTR was established in 2000, and now is a subsidiary of China Bao’An Group (listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange). Company’s business includes manufacturing lithium-ion battery anode and cathode materials. The management team is with rich experiences on battery materials R&D and manufacturing operation. It is the largest lithium-ion battery anode manufacturer in China.

Chengdu Hot New Energy
Headquarters Chengdu
Chairman: Xiao Feng
Website: www.cdhot.cc

Hot New Energy provides EPC & EMC services to industrial customers to achieve waste heat recovery. Their projects are to convert residual heat into power – significantly reduce coal input and CO2 as well as flue gas emissions.

Responsible Partner: Yong Zhang

Website: www.ceta.cc

A NEEQ listed CSD affiliated company (831381), leader in complex composition analysis and monitoring (二噁英,VOC, POP, etc)

CSD Sludge
Headquarters Beijing
Chairman Mr. Guodong XU ;CEO Mr. Yifei Zhang
Website: www.zchb.net

CSD Water uses its innovative business models (Outsourced Operation Model and Retrofit-Operation Model) and leading technology capability to resolve the operation issues of wastewater treatment facilities in China, serving medium & small-sized cities, industrial parks, and large industrial corporations.

Responsible Vice President: Peter Yin

CSD Water Service
Website: www.zchb-water.net

The company can provide first class sludge EPC/BOT/O&M (operation and maintainence) with different treatment technologies including anaerobic digestion.

Headquarters Beijing
Website: www.cgwei.com

Aerospace Great Wall Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is China Aerospace Science and Technology Group's China Great Wall Industrial Group Co., Ltd. invested in the establishment of specialized in energy conservation and environmental protection business integration services company.

Hexing Electrical Technology
Headquarters Hangzhou
Chairman & CEO Liangzhang Zhou
Website: www.hxgroup.cn

Hexing Electrical is a registered High-Tech company. It started its meter & testing equipment business in 2001. Hexing’s products have been exported to over 70 countries & areas in the past 10 years. It is now China’s No.1 meter exporter and also ranks at No.5 for domestic market (according to State Grid’s bidding results). Hexing has transformed from a hardware supplier to a total solution provider on smart metering & energy management.

Responsible Vice President: Peter Yin

Headquarters Beijing
CEO Jianhui Zhang
Website: www.hyperstrong.net

Integrated solution provider for battery management&energy storage systems.

Website: http://www.hanqigroup.com/web/Index.html

A leading player in petrochemical and chemical & Oily wastewater treatment sector.

Headquarters Shanghai
Website: www.keysino.cn

Hot New Energy provides EPC & EMC services to industrial customers to achieve waste heat recovery. Their projects are to convert residual heat into power – significantly reduce coal input and CO2 as well as flue gas emissions.

Responsible Partner: Yong Zhang

King Trol Data
Headquarters Beijing
Website: www.jinkongauto.com

A visualized monitoring system of plants focusing on environment protection.

Kintep Environmental
Website: www.kintep.com

A leading supplier of sludge treatment equipment and solution provider.

Headquarters Auckland
CEO Dr Sean Simpson &Jennifer Holmgren
Website: www.lanzatech.co.nz

LanzaTech has developed a proprietary platform for producing lowest-cost liquid biofuel and high value chemicals in any industrialized geography, at a much larger scale than is currently being envisioned elsewhere.

LP Amina
Headquarters Beijing
CEO Will Latta
Website: www.lpamina.com

LP Amina’s main focus is products and services that improve coal-fired power plant’s emissions and efficiency. In 2007, LP Amina established an office in Beijing o bring a wide range of international experience, know-how, products and solutions to support the transformation of China’s Power Industry.

Website: www.nasn-auto.com

The only IBS supplier besides BOSCH in domestic market.

Power Genix
Headquarters San Diego
CEO Dan Squiller
Website: www.powergenix.com

PowerGenix is an environmentally friendly battery developer and manufacturer based in San Diego USA and Shenzhen China. The company has developed and patented a high-power and low-cost Nickel-Zinc battery for automotive vehicles start stop application and electricity grid energy storage, providing a superior and environmentally friendly recyclable alternative to existing battery technologies.

Website: www.rensenergy.com

New power charging solution

Website: www.sgeet.net

The company provides comprehensive treatment solution of multiples organic wastes for small cities and county-level cities government clients.

Shanghai Honess
Headquarters Shanghai
Chairman Wenbiao Wang
Website: www.honess.cn

Honess provides EPC and project design services on industrial wastewater treatment projects, and also manufactures related product/equipments. Honess has successfully accomplished quite a number of projects in Coal-to-Chemical, Petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

Responsible Partner: Yong Zhang

Yilong Hengye
Headquarters Beijing
Chairman Ding Fuqing
Website: www.ylhyoil.com

Founded in 2005, Yilong is a leading upstream oilfield service provider (traditional & unconventional reserve) targeting at domestic and overseas markets. Today, Yilong products & services include directional drilling services, well completion services, fracturing services, downhole tool & remedial services and coiled tubing services. It has been the business partner of Sinopec, Petro China for years and created a lot operational record in China domestic Shale & Gas market.

Responsible Vice President: Peter Yin