• May 20, 2016


    Google has partnered with Yi Technology from China, alongside IMAX, to develop Jump-ready VR Cameras. The internet-related services and products company aims to design a camera rig for virtual-reality video, according toCNET.


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    Google has announced the two new partners in a VR keynote at the company's I/O developer conference, which was held in Mountain View, California. Despite the announcement at the major event, the three companies have little to say for now about their future products.


    Yi was mentioned to be in the process of making a 4K-capable camera that will be Jump-ready, which is Google's computer system that allows assembling three-dimensional VR video.


    Google has stated in their developers' blog that they have partnered with Yi to create cameras in a wide range of sizes and price points. Both parties look for a release later this year.


    Alongside Yi's action cameras, IMAX is set to develop cinema-grade Jump cameras, as well. Google said that this would be a high-end rig, and it seems to be in a higher price range, according to The Verge.


    Google plans for the Jump system to be promoted in some places, as it is set to be open for scrutiny in L.A. and New York City. The company has also stated that they will bring the product to all YouTube Space locations around the world "soon."


    Jump was launched at last year's I/O developers conference with a similar partnership with GoPro. The relationship has resulted in the manufacturing of Odyssey, which is a VR camera rig that is composed of 16 individual GoPro cameras to allow for a 360-degree video.


    The companies are yet to announce complete details of the cameras, as well as the price range. But according to reports, the Yi developed cameras are aimed towards a consumer's price point while the IMAX cinema-grade cameras are poised for a production company market.


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