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Promotion of William Hu to Managing Partner
Qiming Venture Partners, today announces the promotion of William Hu to Managing Partner effective immediately.......
Qiming Venture Partners Welcomes Kuantai Yeh and Jing Wu as its Newest Partners
Qiming Venture Partners ("Qiming"), a leading venture capital firm in China, today, announced the addition of Kuantai Yeh (叶冠泰), ......
Qiming Venture Partners Announced the Successful Closing of Fund IV at $500 Million
Qiming Venture Partners announced today that it had closed Fund IV at $500 million.
Qiming Venture Partners Welcomes Helen Wong as its Newest Partner......
Qiming Venture Partners ("Qiming"), a leading venture capital firm in China, today, announced the addition of Helen Wong (黄佩华),......
Gary Rieschel on China Money Podcast
In this episode of China Money Podcast, founder of Qiming Venture Partners, Gary Rieschel, shares his thoughts on the Chinese economy, the technological evolutions of the Chinese Internet sector and why he is confident that Qiming will be well within the top quartile performers among China's venture capital firms.
Chinese Deal Flow To Ramp Up In Second Half
Chinese private equity deals are likely to increase in the second half of the year as challenging public capital markets force companies to seek out private funding, according to indu