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Qiming Venture Partners invests in young, fast-growing,and innovative companies across China in the Internet and consumer ("Intersumer"), healthcare, information technology (“IT”),and clean technology sectors. We’re an early to growth stage venture capital firm with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou and Hong Kong. Since our debut in 2006, we’ve established ourselves as a leading venture capital firm in China and currently has four US. Dollar funds and three RMB funds with over $1.7 billion asset under management.

Our team of investment professionals has a wealth of enterprise management and venture capital experience. Our partners are proven business leaders with strong operational experience and successful investment track records including many successful IPOs and M&A transactions in both the US and China.

We strive to be the investor of choice for top entrepreneurs in China. We are committed to helping entrepreneurs and their companies succeed and supporting them throughout their growth to become sector leaders in China andthe world. Our entrepreneurs can benefit from access to our partners’ experience and global network as well as our portfolio of over 120 innovative, fast growing, and successful companies. We believe, together, we can buildworld’s champions of industries.