Gary Rieschel

Founding Managing Partner

Gary Rieschel has over twenty-five years of successful operating and investing experience as a senior executive, entrepreneur, investor, and global business strategist. During his career, Mr. Rieschel held executive positions at Intel, Sequent Computer, Cisco Systems, and Softbank Corporation. Over the last 20 years as a venture capitalist, he led investments in 12 companies which grew to over $1B USD in market capitalization. Gary aided in the creation of the venture capital industry in China through sponsoring and founding several of China’s leading VC firms including Softbank China Ventures, SAIF Partners (2001), Ceyuan Ventures (2004), and Qiming Venture Partners (2006). He is Founding Managing Partner of Qiming, a firm with over $3B USD focused on early stage investments in China which is one of China’s premier VC firms. Mr. Rieschel’ s personal investment areas are Healthcare and Cleantech. He has sponsored investments in imaging systems (Alltech), clinical trial execution (Tigermed listed in 2013 in Shenzhen SZSE:300347), fuel cells (Bloom Energy), industrial waste water treatment (CSD Water and Sludge), clean coal technologies (LP Amina), smart meters (Hexin), bioengineering (Lanzatech). Qiming launched a U.S.-based health care fund in 2017.

Mr. Rieschel is well regarded as a mentor to entrepreneurs, founders, and other venture capitalists. He advised the China Greentech Initiative, and the Rocky Mountain Institute in its move to China. He actively supports the US China Clean Energy Forum, Asia Society, PERC (Property and Environmental Research), The Nature Conservancy, the Climate Leadership Council, and the Council on Foreign Relations, and the U.S. Olympic Foundation. Gary is a Trustee of Reed College. He served on the joint venture boards of Blackrock/Bank of China and Silicon Valley Bank/Shanghai Pudong Development Bank.

Gary passionately supports entrepreneurs and pragmatic technology solutions for the resource allocation and environmental issues the world faces today.

Gary holds a BA in Biology from Reed College in Portland, OR, and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. He lived in Japan for five years in the late 1980s and lived in Shanghai from 2005 through 2016. He now lives in Seattle, WA